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Pedro Teixeira

First name: Pedro
Last name: Teixeira
Age: 46
Department: Land Transportation

When did you start at Skyline and why did you apply to join us?
I've been working at Skyline Express since June 01, 2022 - so I've only been part of the team for a short time. I became aware of Skyline Express at a White Hawks game. Because on that occasion I got to know our boss Volker Sim and what he told me about Skyline sounded very interesting. That's why I took the chance and applied.

What are your tasks and what aspects of your job do you particularly like?
I take over the management of land transport and organize transport of all kinds - worldwide. That's a lot of fun!

How do you feel about the working atmosphere at Skyline?
In two words: familiar and collegial.

Why is logistics so exciting for you?
No matter how intensively you plan or organize: every order is always a new challenge - from pickup to delivery. That requires a lot of flexibility and decisiveness. So there's never a chance of boredom.

What are your professional plans for the coming years?
I hope that my team and I will still be enjoying our work many years from now and that we will be able to master every challenge together.

What tips do you have for potential applicants who would also like to start at Skyline?
Show interest in your tasks, be open and always honest. A dose of courage can't hurt either.

For me, East Westphalia-Lippe is ...
My second home.

My previously undiscovered talent is ...

I could never do without ...
My family and especially the sea!

One country I would definitely like to visit is ...
There are many countries. But at the top of the list is definitely my birth country South Africa.



Pedro Teixeira
Pedro Teixeira

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