& Skyline Express: Taking off digitally together

The digital transformation is changing the way we all live and work. Logistics is no exception. On the contrary: companies like have been working on optimising digital processes in air freight for many years. One result is the platform of the same name, on which users can compare rates and flights of different airlines online and then book them directly. Similar solutions already existed from some airlines. However, they were extremely complicated, time-consuming and not very transparent. has succeeded in developing a convenient and clear application that displays a representative selection of different airlines. The platform is open to all forwarders and airlines. They can simply register, compare offers in real time and book via the portal. A process that used to take several hours now only takes a few seconds or minutes!

We are accordingly proud that Skyline has been supporting in the development and optimisation of the portal since 2018. Our expertise in freight forwarding requirements in particular was and is a great help here. By the way, we are currently working on an expanded version that will allow us to inquire about and book imports from other countries in real time, among other things.

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