Skyline donation: 10,000 euros for "Lippe plants".

As Lippe residents, we have put down roots in Lage. Accordingly, strong environmental protection that makes our home worth living in for future generations is important to us. Fortunately, with the project "Lippe pflanzt" (Lippe Plants), there is an initiative here that is concerned with the consistent reforestation of our forests. And that is also bitterly necessary. Because the trees in our region are suffering extremely from the consequences of climate change. Water shortages, storms and massive pest infestations are increasingly affecting the forests.

Skyline is therefore supporting "Lippe Pflanzt" with 10,000 euros this year alone. Thanks to this donation, the "Grotenburg Forest of the Future" can continue to grow and filter harmful CO2 from the air. "As someone "born under Hermann", I am pleased that we are helping to shape the successful reforestation in our region," emphasises Volker Sim. The Skyline managing director has also been personally committed to environmental protection for more than 35 years and is a member of organisations such as WWF and Greenpeace. "The amount is our largest single donation to date and a clear sign that we are committed to nature in Lippe - today and in the future," says Volker Sim.

Volker Sim – Lippe pflanzt
Volker Sim

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