Skyline-GOAL network

International network

GOAL has nothing to do with football. But it opens doors.

As the first partner of the GOAL Group in Germany, we are represented worldwide by companies that are similar to us in many ways: Company size, offer structure and the qualification of our employees at a consistently high standard. Together we are strong and serve our customers efficiently and reliably. All GOAL partners know each other personally and meet every year to exchange ideas and optimize joint projects.

That includes: Freight rate purchasing worldwide, marketing campaigns, global presence under one logo and own AMS portals (to comply with US security regulations). GOAL - a team of competent partners who support each other in worldwide door-to-door transports. And make sure that no goods go offside. This is very well received by our customers.

In addition to GOAL, we are a partner in other specialized networks (WNA, PPL, ALN, AFBN) and are optimally networked internationally - an advantage that pays off for our customers worldwide on a daily basis.