SKYLINE EXPRESS - Good start and steady ascent.

Actually already a lifetime on the road: Volker Sim. Founder, shareholder and CEO of our company. He moved eight times by the age of 16 (his father was in the British military). Nevertheless, he had a very good school leaving qualification and training as a forwarding merchant with honours.

In 1988 he really continued to travel. As an employee, then as sales manager and partner of a new local forwarding agency for air and sea freight... Numerous travels in Europe and overseas, development of worldwide partnerships. Successful in international business with many new customers and the development of trustful contacts to overseas agents.

CEO Volker Sim

Optimum location

2000 then the step into self-employment, foundation of Skyline Cargo GmbH in Detmold (today Skyline Express). Already the first year could be completed - with only one employee and one trainee - without start-up losses. Today, our Skyline team, which has grown strongly, works in the company's own premises with an adjoining warehouse in Lage / Lippe and an external warehouse for new furniture logistics in Detmold (since 2018). For us an optimal location with ideal connections not only in the OWL area: Through our partnerships we are now connected with all important transport centres in Germany and operate worldwide.

Whoever asks for challenging transport solutions nowadays often hears the name Skyline - worldwide transports with unusual challenges are our speciality! We always find the best way, get everywhere, are always available... and extremely reliable.


Skyline Express Meeting

Our philosophy creates trust and is fair:

Requirement: As a specialised logistics company for air and sea freight, all our actions should be characterised by reliability, speed and fairness. Every day, we compete with the best in the industry in order to further develop our range of services at a high level. We use the diversity of our talents, the motivation, energy and comprehensive knowledge of our team members to achieve the best possible results for our customers and our company.

Services: Highest customer satisfaction is the goal of all our activities and actions. Reliability, fairness and honesty should shape and strengthen our relationship with our customers. We always question conventional, automated procedures in order to be able to recognize differing requirements and challenges at an early stage and develop innovative solutions for them.

Values: The cornerstones of our values canon are performance, trust, innovation and teamwork. We offer secure, attractive jobs through training, development and motivation of all employees - and involve them as partners in all phases of the company's development. We always observe the regulations of legal environmental protection and support our carrier partners and suppliers in the development and use of environmentally friendly processes and services. Our own actions are always carried out with the aim of saving energy.

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„... ALL WAYS“.