International Logistics

International logistics

We are happy to take over your goods nonstop.

Then you can relax and concentrate on your core competences, develop new ideas and increase your turnover - while we take care of the rest 24/7: Packaging, intermediate storage, order picking, distribution and dispatch worldwide according to your wishes and specifications. Our Logistics 4.0 uses digital services and applications to optimize and securely network services and transport chains. Further advantages: With our web access and passwords, you can view the current situation of your goods at any time and directly influence the logistics process.

If you import, we can also save you a lot of money. For example, the correct classification of goods is important here, for which we are happy to provide you with competent advice as part of our logistics services. Just ask us, we will take care of your logistics and reduce space requirements, personnel costs and process costs for you.

Functional areas of our logistics:

  • Internal and external transport
  • Loading, discharge and transshipment
  • Warehousing, inventory management
  • Logistical unit formation, goods inspection
  • Storage, Order picking
  • Packaging, control and planning of logistics processes
  • Coordination of logistics processes

Just give us a call, we will advise you and determine the costs for logistics requirements promptly.