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New furniture logistics

New external warehouse for new furniture logistics.

Skyline Express has been a strong logistics partner of the premium segment of the German furniture industry for many years. Due to our advanced handling of the high-quality furniture, we enjoy a high esteem among our customers, who fully rely on our "all-round carefree package". Speciality: the safe, on-schedule dispatch of mixed loads of a wide variety of furniture worldwide. Kitchens, box furniture, sofas or chairs - everything is loaded together according to the wishes and needs of the customer so that the goods arrive at the recipient in perfect condition.

This high standard pays off:

With a damage rate of only 0.12% (2018), Skyline is the market leader and thus offers its customers very affordable transport insurance. The low damage rate is also achieved because we use up to 300 € per container for interspace fillings (blowbags) and moisture-binding drying material. Well invested money and much cheaper than the loss of image when high-priced "Made in Germany" furniture is damaged or arrives late at the recipient. Thanks to our new external warehouse in Detmold, we are now in a position to respond to the increasing demand without compromising quality.

Where do you want the furniture to go?

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