Project logistics

Project logistics

Extra large, extra heavy or extra urgent?

No problem, we always know how, with whom and at what price we can solve very special transport tasks. Expertise, experience and strong partners are our capital, commitment, passion and heart and soul are our motivation - we always fulfil the tasks of our customers in the best possible way. And all this with route planning, coordination of multinational transports, packaging suitable for transport, customs clearance and transport insurance.

Functional areas of our logistics:

Transport examples of our "moving" logistics:

  • Racing cars, valuable vintage cars
  • Dismantled aircraft, military equipment
  • Oversized machine parts and complete factories

We look forward to your special transport task - no matter how large, heavy or urgent.


A Steel platform on rollers that slides like a tray through the rear doors of an Ocean Container, Trailer, or intermodal box.